Greenville Spring Training Series Feb 22-23, 2014

I traveled down to Greenville, SC to enjoy the warmth of the south with John Delong and Marcos.  We headed down on Friday evening and stayed with a very interesting guy from AirBNB.  This was a once in a lifetime chance to meet a curler.  I didn’t know anybody actually played that outside of the olympics.

The race on Saturday was at my favorite location in Greenville, Fork Shoals.  The Pro/1/2 race started out like normal with attacks going early.  Since this was my first race of the year, I just wanted to see where my fitness was and finish through to the end.  Luckily, Marcos had an awesome PTS Racing kit that I could wear for the day.  Attacks were launching left and right early on.  Around half way through the first lap a break went up the road and at some points during the race that break had 3.5 minutes.   I was sitting mid-pack all day and was just enjoying the race and trying to move up.  I had forgotten how easy it is to fall way back in the field when you are not fighting for position.  On the last lap, I made it near the front for a minute before I was promptly swallowed by the field and back to mid-pack.  John helped string it out at the beginning of the last lap and then Marcos made it up the road with a few others.  They eventually caught the break.  I was stuck in the middle of everyone and finished satisfied with 45th place.  It showed me that my fitness was there and I look forward to a long and fun season with my new team, PTS Racing (Integrated Sports Medicine p/b Brown’s Subaru).

Fork Shoals Pro/1/2 RR

By the end of the race, my knee was getting tight again.  I have battled with tendinitis since last September and I think a combo of the cool 60F weather on bare knees and super hard race efforts brought back some of the issues.  Because of this recurrence of knee issues, I decided to not race Donaldson Center on Sunday, which killed me because that is always such a fun race.  I hope to have a fun and healthy year on the bike and look forward to many more miles and smiles.   Continue reading